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Passionate to bring Quantum to Everybody.


Qubo Technology GmbH is a spin-off of the University of Vienna, founded in 2023. It is proudly headquartered in Vienna, at the inspiring historical address of Boltzmanngasse 5 – a location where some of the most esteemed physists of all time worked and where research for several Nobel Prizes was carried out.

The idea for QUBO dates back to 2022, when Philip, Bori, and Stefan got together, excited by one joint idea. QUBO’s founding team combines excitingly different experiences and capabilities, including world-leading experimental and theoretical quantum physics and global business-building expertise.

All three share a PhD-level education in natural sciences. Subsequently, Philip and Bori went deep into advancing the boundaries of quantum physics, while Stefan‘s path evolved from chemistry to global business and venture building.

We believe that the best things happen when different capabilities, backgrounds, skills, and mindsets come together. Thus, we are a cross-functional team of world-leading quantum scientists, global business builders, deep industry experts, practical technologists, and ever-learning entrepreneurs. 

Prof. Dr. Borivoje Dakic

Borivoje has been living his passion for finding new paths to solve complex math and physics problems while translating theoretical concepts into practice. He is a professor of theoretical quantum physics at the University of Vienna and serves as a group leader conducting research in quantum information science. Bori is well recognized for his contributions to the field and has a proven track record of publications in renowned journals such as Nature and Physical Review. He is deeply integrated into the international quantum community, leading the Vienna Center for Quantum Science and Technology. He likes to write novels and has a true passion for literature.

Prof. Dr. Philip Walther

Philip, a chemist by training, did his PhD in quantum physics with Nobel Laureate Prof. Anton Zeilinger in Vienna. After working as a post-doctoral researcher at Harvard University, he came back to the University of Vienna for starting his own experimental research group. His research is focused on basic quantum science and the development of new and game-changing quantum technology. His career led to a highly recognized track record with a range of publications in best-rated journals such as Nature and Science, and to co-leadership of multiple national and international research programs. Philip has a black belt in two martial arts, enjoys music and dancing, and could be a tour guide through Champagne’s wineries.

Dr. Stefan Fürnsinn

Stefan started out as a chemist and started out innovating diesel made from wood, after which he started a global career that included experiences as a McKinsey partner, business leader and venture builder. Stefan is passionate about businesses with a purpose that impact people’s lives, and was fortunate to build a tech business that enriches millions of farmers’ livelihoods with digital products. He loves sailing, and his latest passion is his new drum set.

Peter Neubauer


Peter long-time passion has been the management of businesses of all aspects within payments and financial services, from senior management in leading banks (where he often worked at the forefront of payment innovation), to Payment Solutions businesses such as PayLife and vipaso where he was CEO. Peter brings an unmatched network and insights into how to successfully build businesses, of which the “Austrian Payment Academy” is the latest one. He is bearer of the Silver Decoration of Honor for Services to the Republic of Austria. Outside work Peter is playing the electric bass and enjoys cycling in the lovely “Weinviertel” north of Vienna.

Verena Paulovics

Verena loves working at the intersection of finance, research and technology, as well as public private partnerships. She started her career with a master in business, and set out to work in R&D and international relations. She brings in rich experience in finance and project management, as well as fund-raising for innovative technologies. making numerous EU and national research projects a success. 

Verena’s passion for Qubo is all about learning and growing, while building something new. 

Dr. Mathieu Bozzio


Mathieu has enjoyed a highly international education from France to Imperial College in the UK, until he found his home in Austria’s quantum photonics cluster. He is passionate about unlocking products and applications where quantum resources allow a practical security advantage over classical regimes. Fluently bridging theoretical and experimental physics, Mathieu is advancing Qubo’s technology platform and evolving it to fit practical use-cases. Outside work, Mathieu enjoys strength training, jazz drumming and traveling when time allows. 


Ernstjan de Gooyert

Ernstjan brings in a deep and broad experience in all aspects of digital payment technology. He has been advancing payment innovation as Product Owner, Business Engineer and Service Engineer in various banks and financial services businesses, always driven to bring high performing tech solutions _and never leaving customer experience out of sight. Ernstjan’s passion is to solve the most difficult problems in payment technology. He will not let go until a practical and easy solution is found. Outside of quantum effects and digital Euros, he enjoys sportsclimbing and bouldering in his free time. 

Solvejg Skalvy

Building on her unique international background as a student at Nanjing University, Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, China, as well as working in Brussels and her career always closely interacting with people and customers, Soli is at the center of Qubo’s grants, projects and office management. Soli’s unique strengths are her sense of humor and her remarkable organizational talent. Outside of work, Soli loves going to concerts and to hike in the Wachau with her dog.


Ursula Ranft

Ursula (actually only known as Ursi in the team) brings the Qubo spirit to life, by framing its brand identity and spearheading all positioning across channels. Her creativity helps us frame what we can be and helps others connect to us. Ursi’s vast experience in brand, marketing and communications is a unique asset to shape the new company’s heart and soul, for us and everyone around us. Ursi’s positive energy not only inspires us but also her favorite horse Miss Crazy and her family, who are her passion and center in life.

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Peter Schiansky

Peter’s passion is to make quantum theory a reality in experiments. He is at the center of all prototyping, product and technology development efforts within Qubo. If photons were to find a conductor for their orchestra, it would surely be Peter. Peter is a quantum physicist by training, and has been one of the inventors of the science that is underlying Qubo’s patented technology platform. Outside of Qubo he enjoys exploring nature, for instance in the Austrian Alps.


Dr. Tobias Guggemos


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Tobias has his background in quantum computing theory, quantum and classical cryptography. He has numerous publications covering cybersecurity, quantum resistant networks and cryptography. There cannot be a complex topic that Tobi will not analyze, structure and make understandable. Tobias combines his knowledge on classical network security with his passion for quantum innovation to help us develop applications that really add value to what already exists today.

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