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We have spent the past decades researching the miraculous effects of photonic quantum physics. Embedded into a team of world-leading scientists, we have gone far beyond existing research and shared our learnings with the global scientific community through various publications in Nature. The resulting cutting-edge technology platform is the basis of what we do. Our photon-based quantum technology allows us to tackle some of the most pressing issues.


Certainly, we never stand still, and continue pushing the limits of science and technology, through our own team, and through collaborations with world-leading scientists at the Vienna Center for Quantum Science and Technology and at the University of Vienna, which has a tradition of scientific excellence and is home to Nobel Laureates such as Anton Zeilinger or Erwin Schrödinger.


If you are interested or work in a related field, please refer to our publication links. We are looking forward to discuss our science and technology with you. More over, we would be excited to partner with you and jointly advance what we know in the service of everybody on the planet.


Quantum Tokenization allows us to defend the trust in our payment system even against – ironically – quantum computer threats. So we all can do business as usual, while game-changing quantum cryptography guarantees absolute security anchored in the laws of nature. 

Based on first-to-the world Quantum Memristor, we allow computers to think like the human brain, thus opening the door for light-based quantum chips that operate literally at the speed of light: 100 times faster than any known supercomputer.


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