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Payments are the backbone of our economic life. Qubo PayTech brings perfect security to the infrastructure of the financial system and will guarantee the authenticity and uniqueness of every transaction that we perform.

The global economic system is dependent on everybody’s trust in electronic payments. Any security risks that could undermine this system on a larger scale would have direct consequences for all of us. All payments today rely on cryptographic technologies that conventional computers practically cannot crack. However, quantum computers may soon be capable of doing so. A promising way to secure such It-systems against quantum computers is to develop fundamentally new security standards that also benefit from quantum physical phenomena. While progress was made in other communication areas with quantum key exchange, the practical applicability of quantum technology to digital payments remained open and uncertain for a long time. 

Thanks to a series of groundbreaking discoveries by the QUBO team and the University of Vienna, our technology makes exactly this possible: Recently, we were able to demonstrate the first quantum-secure digital payment method. 

QUBO’s technology makes payments perfectly secured by the laws of nature and cannot be compromised by any computer today or in the future. This comprises securing our payment infrastructure by designing and developing unforgeable quantum tokens tailored specifically to digital payments.

Worldwide, governments such as the EU, USA, and China, as well as financial service providers, are seeking technological solutions to ensure the security of their payment infrastructure also in the future. 

Positive feedback from banks and payment infrastructure operators has motivated us to bring together a strong consortium of industry partners to anchor the first products in the market. Our technology platform combines hardware and software solutions, has been filed for the patent, and allows synergies with existing technology components for accelerated commercialization.

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