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QUBO BrainTech enables computers to work like the human brain. With quantum boost for unmatched speed and resource efficiency.


Modern life is enabled by computers' ever-expanding speed and versatility. The fast growth of Artificial Intelligence applications will transform our lives. Yet, the demands on computing power and resources are enormous.

Inopportunely, classical computing is reaching technological limits (due to Moore’s law), and the required performance increases are no longer possible with conventional hardware. Not least, the energy density and energy consumption are soaring, calling for radical alternatives.

Thanks to groundbreaking research, QUBO’s technology platform offers an extraordinary alternative that allows a massive performance boost due to exponential quantum benefits, paired with extreme energy efficiency and maximal speed of light-based computing.

Our photonic quantum memristors allow computers to think like the human brain – ideally suited as building blocks of neuromorphic architectures and applications in classical and quantum learning tasks and reservoir computing. Thanks to measurement-induced non-linearities, a memristor can retain a memory of past states, mirroring the human brain's functionality. Combined with quantum effects and the propagation of single photons in an optical chip, it enables a powerful demonstration of pattern and shape recognition, offering a speed advantage of orders of magnitude compared to best existing classical algorithms.

While we are advancing the technology towards application readiness, we are excited about the prospects of this technology.

Brain-like quantum computing for everyone.

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