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We unlock the power of Quantum for EveryBody’s benefit. 


We believe technology is at the core of solving some of the world's most pressing problems. 

On the path to crafting our magnificent world, Nature created complex processes and interactions between elementary particles, empowering them to exhibit beautiful properties. Quantum physics has shown that individual photons – the building blocks of light – have the potential to revolutionize many aspects of our society. This includes powerful computers outperforming current computers for some tasks, perfectly secure communication, the emergence of unforgeable (quantum) money as a new form of currency, and much more.

We dedicated the past decade to researching these miraculous effects and have been able to advance photonics quantum technology to new levels. We have shared these insights with the global scientific community through publications in prestigious journals such as Nature and Science.

But we want to go much further: our vision is to use the advantages of quantum physics to improve everyone's lives. We want to turn our science into applications, to turn quantum technology's promise into solutions that we all can use. When we pay. When we communicate. When we compute. 

For this reason, we founded QUBO Technology, a new spin-off with a world-leading scientific foundation from the University of Vienna. We build upon the esteemed Viennese school and scientific excellence, which dates back to pioneers like Ludwig Boltzmann, Erwin Schrödinger, and the recent Nobel Prize laureate Anton Zeilinger, who paved the way for the research we are now applying within the same building.

QUBO‘s mission is to bring Quantum for EveryBody by introducing innovations that address real-world problems, grounded in quantum technologies. We are convinced that our technologies are not ten years out but we will make a difference already in the coming years.

Powered by AWS-DeepTech as our main pre-seed investor, research partnerships with the University of Vienna and its global partners, and leading industry partners, we have embarked on an exciting journey to develop scalable products that will make a tangible impact on everyday life.

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